Тип аксессуара: Акустический экран Модель: EPC_LIV_300 Количество панелей: 3 шт. Материал: акустический пенополиуретан. Общая ширина: 45 см. Высота: 30 см Вес: 720 грамм. Функции: Фильтр акустического контроля, который помогает создавать более чистый и детальный звук при записи; предотвращает акустическое отражение звукопоглощающего материала; Складная конструкция экономит место и позволяет при необходимости отрегулировать; регулируемое положение микрофона; регулируемая микрофонная стойка; складная конструкция;

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The acoustic screen for the microphone allows you to make high-quality and clean recordings in any room. The screen absorbs sound reflections that occur in a noisy room. When recording vocals at home, there is a risk of unpleasant resonance from the walls. The fact is that condenser microphones, which are often used for sound recording, pick up a very wide range of sound, including early reflections and resonances, which will necessarily occur if the walls are not covered with acoustic foam and there are no “traps” in the corners. Naturally, this has a negative effect on the final result, and removing unpleasant frequencies and room sound in post-processing is a difficult process that is not always effective. Acoustic screen that will not take up much space, will not spoil the design of the room and can also be transported to the recording session or studio.

The screen is equipped with a microphone mount with adjustable position on the 5/8 adapter, which allows you to mount almost any microphone. You can attach your own microphone stand to the rail. Ease of transportation of the device is ensured by its low weight (720 grams) and folding design.

Accessory Type: Acoustic Screen
Model: EPC_LIV_300
Number of panels: 3 pcs.
Material: acoustic polyurethane foam
Total width: 45 cm
Height: 30 cm
Weight: 720 grams.


An acoustic control filter that helps produce a cleaner, more detailed sound for recordings;
prevents the acoustic reflection of the sound-absorbing material;
The folding design saves space and allows adjustment if necessary;
adjustable microphone position;
adjustable microphone stand;
foldable design;