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The 11-TWS Sensor Wireless Headphones are compact, portable headphones that give you the freedom to operate. Wireless headphones are a revolutionary invention that not only saves your wires that are always confused and power everything around you.
Do not run while walking, jogging, playing sports. Therefore, they are very convenient. They can be used literally anywhere, the headphones are very similar to Apple AirPods. Higher sound quality is achieved thanks to the fastest Bluetooth 5.0 connection available today. They have automatic pairing. The connection is protected from any interference. The headset fits most modern smartphones and is a stylish and handy accessory. Compatible with iOS and Android systems.

The headphones have high quality stereo sound, have an original look and touch without the control buttons. The right to a favorable charge in the case. Voice requirement in English and active noise reduction. Built-in charging indicators and the ability to connect to a tablet or laptop to watch movies or listen to music.


Brand: tws
Model: i11
Type: Wireless, in-Ear
Bluetooth: V5.0
Color: white
Bluetooth: Yes
Material: ABS
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod, Android
Connect: Wireless
Battery capacity (mAh): 45mAh Li-ion battery
Working time: 2-3 hours
Charging time: 1 hour

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