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KS-N1-B is a premium class scooter that can cover 50 kilometers, or move at a speed of 40 km / h, this is a real record. The electric mobile has a shock absorber on both wheels, which allows you to move comfortably on uneven roads. Depending on the power of the motor, the scooter can cover 15 ° ascent without any problems. The electric scooter has a powerful 500w engine, rear disc brakes, front and rear lights (including brake light), odometer, speed, travel distance and battery indicator. It also has 3-speed mode, as well as a unique feature, which is a 3-position adjustable handle bar that you can adjust to the desired height.


Key Features
Brand: KingSong
Model: N1-B
Model Number: N1-B
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum alloy
Country of manufacture: China
Type: Electro
Technical characteristics
Maximum speed: 40 km / h
Motor power: 500 watts
Tire size: 10 inches
Maximum distance: 50 km
Minimum weight: 12.5 kg
Maximum weight: 120 kg
Number of passengers: 1
Battery voltage: 48 volts
Charging time: 6 hours
Physical settings
Product size: 126/62/120 cm
Product size (with packaging): 120/26/50 cm
Product weight: 12.5 kg
Product weight (with packaging): 13 kg

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