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Consumption of electric mopeds is growing and trending. Thanks to the compact design, the electric scooter can be easily disassembled and folded. The power of the scooter motor is 600 watts. This power allows you to cover 25 ° ascent without any problems. KS-N10 is designed to move comfortably on the heights of Tbilisi. The scooter has a damping system and its maximum load is 110 kg. Frame material: Aluminum 6061 + T6. Tire size: 10.0 “Pneumatic tire”. The maximum speed of a black scooter is 30 km / h. Mileage: 30-40 km (depending on the power of the selected element). Charging time is 4-5 hours. Battery: 48V 9.6AH / 460 pcs. The electric scooter has front drum brake + rear electronic brakes. The scooter has shock absorbers. The size of the scooter is 126/62 / 120cm. You can buy an electric scooter by subscribing, with the help of our site. Delivery is possible throughout Georgia.


Key Features
Brand: KingSong
Model: KS-N10
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum
Type: Scooter
Technical characteristics
Maximum speed: 40 km / h
Motor power: 600 watts
Tire size: 10 inches
Maximum distance: 30 km
Maximum weight: 110 kg
Number of passengers: 1
Battery voltage: 42 volts
Charging time: 4 hours
Physical settings
Product size: 126/62/120 cm
Product weight: 17 kg
Product weight (with packaging): 20 kg

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