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Stainless steel GK-150DL is a keyboard with a distinctive design. The height of the keys, sound and rgb lighting is very similar to a mechanical keyboard. Especially attractive is the body made of quality plastic in the style of metallic. An interesting detail is the case of the phone case, but it will be comfortable to use only in the case of a high monitor.
This model features rgb lighting with the ability to fit all tastes. Those who do not like the “Christmas tree” – can turn off the lights. The keyboard has 9 modes of dynamic light which you can easily change with a combination of in key and digital key 1 to 9. With fn + 7 * 2x you can assign different colors to different areas of the keyboard. You can also as sign a separate color and lighting to the characters and keys. In short, you will have a good time combining rgb lights
Let us briefly review the other options as well:
Moisture and dust resistant housing
Gold-plated USB connector
Reinforced cable
Ferrite noise filter (we do not even know what it is)
A much-needed feature for gamers – to lock Windows system keys and move the cursor over the WASD * keyboard.
Summary – There is an interesting and quality device in this price category.


Manufacturer: Defender
Model: Stainless steel GK-150DL
Keyboard type: Membrane
Interface: USB
Language: English
Number of buttons: 104 + 12 Additional function (FN)
Cable length: 1.5 m +/- 5%
Color: gray + lighting (adjustable)

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