Led Video Light JSL-216

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The Led Video Light JSL-216 projector with a directed light stream combines a variety of colors and control modes, which makes it ideal for photo and video shooting, event lighting, as well as for creating atmospheric effects in the interior.
Two types of electricity: the LED floodlight can work from a 220 V network, which provides constant and reliable power. It is also possible to use 1 battery, which can be purchased additionally.
Variety of colors: 10 colors (red, green, blue, orange, light blue, light blue, crimson, turquoise, dark crimson) to create a variety of lighting effects. In addition, the saturation of each color can be adjusted, allowing you to fine-tune the desired color tone.
Shimmer Modes: Provides 3 additional shimmer modes that add variety and dynamics to lighting, and a transition mode enhances visual impact.
Availability of remote control: comes with a remote control with a working distance of up to 20 meters, which makes control comfortable and allows you to change settings.
Table Stand: Allows the projector to be placed stably on a flat surface.

Product type: studio lighting
Model: Led Video Light JSL-216
Power: 12 W
Lumen: 1200 lm
Net weight: 350 g
Voltage: 110V-240V
Output: DC 12V/1A
Lighting angle: 55°
Dimming Range: 0-100%
Light source: 128 LED beads
Color rendering index: >=95%
Color temperature: 3200K- 5600K