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Type – capacitor
Impedance – 150 ohms
Frequency range – 20 – 16000 Hz
Sensitivity -34 ± 2 dSb
Load on impedance – ≥1000 Ω
Connection – Cable (2m)
Meals – Phantom
The composition includes:
Paralon Anticar
Anti-shock (spider)
Interface – XLR, 3.5 mm
Color – black
Weight – 316 gr


The BM-800 condenser microphone is used for broadcasting, recording concerts, recording movies and TV shows, as well as recording at home or in the studio.
The microphone’s built-in electronic circuit board provides high sound sensitivity, separates the main sound source from the secondary, and also suppresses unnecessary noise.
The BM-800 condenser microphone usually only works with devices that can provide enough power to operate the microphone. When connecting the microphone to a personal computer or laptop, it is advisable to use an external USB sound card. When connecting a microphone to devices that cannot provide it with the required power (amplifiers, mixers, etc.) and do not have USB ports, it is necessary to use an additional phantom power source. Also, the microphone does not work with tablets and smartphones.
To get the best quality sound without noise, we recommend using a pop filter. Various stands and pantographs for microphones are required for workplace installation.

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