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The Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro is a mechanical gaming keyboard that continues Razer’s BlackWidow line and is available with linear or click switches. New features introduced with this entry include sound dampening foam layers, pre-lubricated stabilizers, dedicated macro keys on the left side of the keyboard, and a maximum polling rate of 8000Hz. This keyboard also has a rotary knob and a multifunction roller that you can use to adjust the volume, scroll through media, or adjust the brightness of the lights and other keyboard settings. You can change the behavior of these controls and a wide range of other settings using the customization software.


The Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro is a good keyboard for office work, but it’s not designed specifically for that use. It feels well built and has good ergonomics with two recline settings and a wrist rest for added comfort. The clicky green switches are satisfactory for typing, but they sound and feel somewhat inconsistent and are too loud for most open offices. That said, this keyboard is also available with linear yellow switches, which are much quieter.
The Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro continues Razer’s popular BlackWidow line. As per Razer’s recent naming formula, this product is a wired-only model, while most other Razer products that carry the “Pro” designation are wireless models. Highlights of this new entry include dedicated macro keys on the left side of the board and a maximum polling rate of 8000Hz, which means it sends information to your computer eight times faster than most gaming keyboards at a standard polling rate. 1000Hz, produces exceptionally low latency. Build quality is similar to other flagship gaming keyboards from major brands like Corsair and Logitech. However, it uses low-quality ABS keys, which are less common on gaming keyboards at this price point. Additionally, the clicky green switches on the unit we purchased and tested are satisfactory, but there is a noticeable inconsistency between the individual switches, which is also an issue with several other models in this series, including the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro and Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed. The build quality of this keyboard is good. The lower chassis is made of plastic and the upper plate is made of aluminum. The keys are made of ABS plastic, but they are relatively high quality compared to most ABS keys and have a nice textured top. There are internal layers of sound dampening foam and pre-lubricated stabilizers, which contribute to an overall more premium feel. Unfortunately, the Razer Green switches have inconsistent quality, with some keys lacking audible click sounds and requiring a noticeably different amount of force to operate. However, we’ve tested other models with in-line Razer Yellow Switches and haven’t had the same issues, so we expect this to only be an issue if you buy this keyboard with green switches.

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