rk-12/mini Ring Light

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Selfie rings are made of energy efficient LEDs, they have a high light sensitivity. Effectively change skin color depth.
The dimmer allows you to adjust the gamma of brightness and colors according to your taste.
The selfie ring is compact and fits freely in almost any handbag.
Works with both USB cable and autonomously.
Compatible with both Apple (iphone) and Android smartphones.


Model rk-12
Outer diameter – 8.4 cm
Light source: LED SMD
Number of LEDs – 36
Color Transfer Index – RA95
Material – abc plastic
Gross power: 2.0W
Power supply – battery 100 ma-h
Interface – Micro USB 5V / 1А
Light output – 100-120 lumens
Adjust brightness and colors – button
Diode ring – 1
Power cord – 1
Colors – pink, white, light blue

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