Ring Light 10 inch witch 15cm tripod

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You can attach the LED selfie ring to the tripod .The tripod head rotates 360 degrees. Comes with a tilt angle of 85 degrees.
Selfie rings are made of energy efficient LEDs, they have a high light sensitivity. Effectively change skin color depth.
Dimmer allows you to adjust the gamma of brightness and colors according to your taste.


Outer diameter – 10 inch / 26cm
Light source: LED SMD
Number of LEDs – 200
Color Transfer Index – RA95
Material – abc plastic
Gross power: 20W
Meals – usb
Light output – 2700K-5500K lumen
Light colors – 2700K (warm light), 4000K (hybrid), 5500K (cold light)
Adjust brightness and colors – dimmer
Diode ring – 1
Phone monopod-1
Table tripod 10 cm
Power cord – 1

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