Studio Softbox with Lamp & Stand

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A softbox is a specialized photographic accessory that diffuses and softens the light from a camera’s flash to create flattering lighting for portrait photography. Softboxes come in various shapes and sizes and are designed to allow photographers to control the light for maximum creative effect. There are a variety of reasons why a softbox is a great lighting solution. In general, softboxes are easy to set up, offer more even light compared to other lighting fixtures, and diffuse light for a softer, more flattering effect. Additionally, a softbox can be used for a variety of photography and video needs. For example, it’s great for photographing people in portrait sessions, products in commercial shoots, and objects like flowers and food. Softboxes also have adjustable features, allowing for more control of your light. Most softboxes come with adjustable rods and setting options to fine-tune the light’s size and shape, as well as its intensity. Additionally, the shape and size of softboxes can be easily modified, resulting in a range of lighting effects that can be used in different scenarios. Softboxes can also be used in combination with reflectors and flags to produce a natural looking, two or three-point lighting system.


Product type: studio lighting box with lamp and stand
Model: Studio Light Box with Lamp & Stand
Lamp power: 85 W max
Box size: 60×60 cm
Height: 70-86.5 cm
Complete set: bag, white box cover, lighting box, stand

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