Ulanzi Softbox AS-L30

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Ideal for COB lamps: The Mini Bowens mount is ideal for a wide range of Ulanzi lamps.
Foldable Design, Easy to Carry: Designed for shooting on the go, it weighs only 220g and has a foldable design.
Quick Installation and Disassembly: Installation or packaging can be done by pressing a button in a few seconds, saving shooting time.
Omnidirectional Soft Light: Thanks to the design of the lantern, it provides soft omnidirectional light for large areas.

Model: AS-L30
Dimensions: 10.5*39 cm
Folded size: 39 cm
Diameter: 30 cm
Depth: 25 cm
Net weight: 220±10g
Mount: Mini Bowen Mount

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