video light Ulanzi VL110 RGB

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The Ulanzi VL110 RGB video light combines all current trends, making it one of the most convenient and efficient models. VL110 gives us 7.5 W with a range of 2500 – 9000K.
A bracket is built into the design, which allows you to connect several devices without additional adapters! There is also a 1/4 screw hole for mounting on a tripod or bracket.
20 artistic effects to expand your creative possibilities! Simulate an ambulance siren or lightning flash!
This model has a built-in magnetic plate, which allows you to easily and comfortably attach it to any metal surface.


Brand: Ulanzi
Model: VL110
Power 7.5 W, brightness change from 0 to 100%, lighting angle 120 g
Continuously variable color temperature 2500K-9000K, RGB with any color selection and saturation
A set of light effects
Color rendering index CRI≥95
Powered by built-in 2000 mAh lithium battery up to 2 hours at full brightness, at least 15 hours
Charging from Type-C up to 2 hours
Hole 1/4″ on one side, possibility to combine
Magnetic surface – back and end
Contrast display shows brightness, color temperature and battery life
Size, mm 240×39.
Weight 235 g

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