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Mouse weight adjustment
At the bottom of the mouse is placed a clip for 8 removable weights (2.5 g each). The player can easily adjust the optimal weight of the mouse according to individual parameters, as well as can change the center of gravity by moving different weights.

Sand rubber skin cover
Strengthen the power while clicking the mouse thanks to the rubbed cover, with the addition of fine sand.

8mm wide rubbed winding with wheeled light
Increased width and special tread pattern make it easier to control the mouse. The location of the wheel is optimal for instant transfer to the index finger during the game.

High strength durable cable
The 1.8 m long extension cable is guaranteed to withstand 10,000 bends and a continuous pull-up load of up to 10 kg. The cable is protected by fabric tapes.

Gold-plated USB connector
Gold-plated spray provides better conductivity, less resistance and oxygen.

2 extra side buttons

Additional top button
Programmable top button can be configured for any control function. Typically, players are configured to adjust the DPI.

High precision optical sensor
The Pixart PAN3509DH Gaming Mouse Sensor lets you select a resolution of 1000, 1600 or 2000 DPI on the fly, which changes the cursor speed on the screen.

DPI level display
A special indicator simplifies the determination of the current level of the cursor speed.

Expanded Teflon legs
The specially formulated Teflon formula ensures excellent grating. Due to the increased area, balanced height and optimal placement of the legs, the mouse is placed strictly horizontally.

Button life – 10 million clicks
Fast and accurate response (thanks to the high quality Omron micro buttons on the main buttons and the winding wheel) completely eliminates the possibility of phantom or fake clicks.


Manufacturer: Redragon
Interface: Wireless
Sensor: Laser, 800-4800 dpi dpi
Number of buttons: 7 + scroll
Color: black + with lighting

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