Wireless Microphone K9-for Apple Lightning

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The WM K9 wireless microphone kit for your phone or smartphone will free you from wires and you can record a high-quality audio track for your video. This radio microphone system consists of a receiver connected to a smartphone and a lavalier microphone with a transmitter attached to clothing. The radio communication range is up to 20 meters with line of sight, so you can use this wireless microphone both indoors and outdoors.


Type – microphone
Interface – Apple IphoneLightning
Bracket – lavalier
Connection – Wireless (Approx. 20 m)
Frequency – 2.4 GHz
Input voltage -DC4.8-5.4V
Battery capacity -80 mAh
Dimensions -62 * 23 * 28 mm
Weight – 11 gr
Color – black
Certification – FCC
Composition: microphone, transmitter, power cable

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