Warranty service
Warranty service means free repair of the product if the product is beyond repair, its replacement or an alternative offer.

The warranty period is calculated from the date indicated on the purchase receipt.

Within 14 working days after the purchase of the goods, if a manufacturing defect is found, the goods will be transferred to the service center. If the problem is confirmed, the item will be replaced. If a manufacturing defect is found, the product will be replaced immediately after the completion of the relevant procedures. The goods must be presented by the buyer in an undamaged box, in full packaging, complete and without mechanical damage.

If the service center cannot repair and detail the item within 30 business days, the item will be replaced. If it is not possible to replace an existing product with the same model and the buyer does not agree to replace it with another model with similar functionality and price, the store is obliged to cancel the order and return the amount paid in the order to the buyer

The product can be returned or exchanged only if the characteristics of the product do not match the description of the technical characteristics on the site and its visual part. The product can be exchanged or returned within 14 days from the date of purchase.

The online store does not return or exchange goods if the buyer no longer considers it necessary to own it, does not meet his expectations, or for other similar reasons.

Warranty conditions do not apply

Warranty expired
Incomplete product set
Accessories (including the battery, head, headset, charger, etc.) are not covered by the warranty.
The consumables of the device were used in violation of the operating conditions .
Any corruption of the operating system software.
On hardware that is physically damaged, such as broken, scratched, crushed, burned, melted.
The factory serial number has been altered, removed, or damaged.
Violated product operation standards.
On equipment damaged by non-standard mains voltage.
On equipment on which installation or warranty work was not carried out by an authorized person or company.
on a given number of dead spots on a monitor, laptop, camera or phone screen . (On a mobile phone and camera, one dead pixel is not considered a factory pixel; on a TV, five or less dead pixels are not considered a factory pixel; on a laptop, three dead pixels are not considered a factory pixel.)
Also, the company is not responsible for a “hardwired” system. smartphones and poor performance when using non-licensed computer programs.

The Service Center is obligated to repair damaged equipment within 30 business days of receipt at the Service Center.

Warranty not covered

USB, LAN, LPT, PS2 – on external ports: battery, battery, lamps.

Warranty service is not possible if the product is not found to be defective!