ASUS ROG Gladius III Wireless AimPoint Gaming Mouse

Model: ASUS ROG Gladius III
SKU: arfa986y9
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36,000dpi Optical Sensor, Tri-mode Connectivity, ROG SpeedNova, 79g, Swappable Switches

Immerse yourself in precision gaming with the ASUS ROG Gladius III Wireless AimPoint Mouse. Cutting-edge AimPoint Precision Sensor, customizable ergonomics, and wireless freedom redefine your playstyle. Illuminate your setup with Aura Sync RGB, and enjoy intuitive control features for a competitive edge. Elevate your game with the Gladius III – where precision meets performance.


Elevate your gaming experience to new heights with the ASUS ROG Gladius III Wireless AimPoint Gaming Mouse! This cutting-edge peripheral is designed for gamers who demand precision, speed, and versatility. Let’s dive into what makes this mouse a game-changer.

  1. Wireless Freedom, Zero Compromise:  Cut the cord without sacrificing performance. The Gladius III Wireless utilizes advanced wireless technology to provide a seamless and lag-free gaming experience. Say goodbye to cables and hello to unrestricted movement!
  2. AimPoint Precision Sensor:  Dominate the battlefield with the AimPoint Precision Sensor, engineered for pixel-perfect accuracy. This advanced sensor technology ensures every movement is translated into the game with unparalleled precision, giving you the competitive edge you need.
  3. Customizable Ergonomics:  Tailor the Gladius III to fit your hand perfectly. With customizable side panels and swappable switches, you can fine-tune the mouse to your preferred grip and playstyle. The ergonomically designed shape ensures comfort during those extended gaming sessions.
  4. RGB Brilliance:  Immerse yourself in a world of color with ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting. Personalize your gaming setup with a spectrum of colors and dynamic effects. The Gladius III becomes not just a tool for victory but a statement of your unique gaming style.
  5. Intuitive Control with Smart Features:  The Gladius III is equipped with smart features like the exclusive push-fit switch socket design, making it easy to swap out switches for a tailored click feel. Enjoy on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments, programmable buttons, and a responsive scroll wheel for total control.
  6. Long-lasting Battery Life:  Fear not the marathon gaming sessions. The Gladius III boasts an impressive battery life, ensuring that your wireless freedom doesn’t come at the cost of frequent recharging. Focus on your game, not your mouse’s battery.

Conclusion:  Elevate your gaming prowess with the ASUS ROG Gladius III Wireless AimPoint Gaming Mouse. Unleash precision, customize your setup, and dominate the competition with a mouse designed for victory. Are you ready to redefine your gaming experience? The Gladius III awaits! #ASUSROG #GamingMouse #AimPointPrecision

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General Information
Brand Asus
Series ROG
Model/PN 90MP02Y0-BMUA00
Type Gaming Mouse
Compatible Software Platform(s) Windows 11; Windows 10; macOS; Chrome OS
Resolution (dpi) 36000
Mouse Specifications
Mouse Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, Wired USB 2.0
Gaming Mouse Yes
Type Of Sensor ROG AimPoint
Scroll Yes
Max. Speed 650 IPS
Color Black
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 50 x 50 x 28 cm
Weight 79 g
Warranty For Individual Customer 24

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Bluetooth, USB, კაბელი, Უკაბელო


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