Sven sps-607

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მარაგი ამოიწურა

SVEN SPS-607 represents the line of economical speaker systems created by SVEN company as an anti-crisis solution for comfortable and inexpensive listening to music, watching films and sounding computer games.

SPS-607 is the second cheap speaker system in the line of SVEN wooden acoustics, differing from its predecessor with enhanced power and size. However, its main advantage remains unchanged: combination of easy use, simple handling and reasonable cost.


სიმძლავრე: 6 Вт
სიხშირე: 80-18000 Гц
მასალა: MDF
ინტერფეისი: 3,5 მმ
ძაბვა: ~220 ვტ, 50 გც
წონა: 1,9კგ
ზომა: 117x207x105 მმ

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