Photography Fill Light ST120

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Photography Fill Light ST120 is a professional lighting for photo and video shooting.
There are 3 lighting modes – warm, cold and neutral white. The set includes 4 panels: red, yellow, blue and green. These panels can be used to create many different colors, illuminate a subject, or create a unique background.
The set also includes a universal bracket, through which you can easily attach the light to a notebook, smartphone, camera, and so on. In addition, a standard 1.4″ screw mounts the light to a tripod, softbox, or photo camera.
And that’s not all: the set also includes a silicone light diffuser, with the help of which the colors are warmer and the transitions (gradient) are incomparably refined.

Product Type: Lighting
Model: ST120
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Size: 108*16*66 mm
Power: 12 W
Voltage: 3.7 V
Color temperature: 2500-9000 K
CRI: Ra>95
Battery: Li-battery 3000 mAh
Number of LEDs: 120 pieces